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Mysterious – a Poem



A presence near
The heart sincere
Goodbye to fear
Home is here

A man a soul
A worthwhile goal
Looks black as coal
Fits the role

The burning fire
A living wire
Children to sire
Deep desire

Behind a veil
The heart will wale
Break free from jail
Meant to fail

Not one but two
And much is due
You thought you knew
If so, who?


Author’s Note: We are all more than one person. At the very least we are two: the one we present to the world and the one we are deep inside. Most of us are much more than two as we have a “person” for each part of our life. Family, friend, work, social, parent, strangers… Not everyone sees the same person when they look at us. Indeed, we do not present the same person to each person we meet.

This poem was written in my late teens, early twenties when I was trying to figure out primarily what person I was going to be. I hope you enjoy.

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A poem about who you really are on the inside. #Poem #Poet #Poetry

Music for Writing

Music for Writing

To say I love music would be an understatement. As a child I spent hours recording songs as they played on the radio. Much of my allowance went to buying cassette tapes. Waves of excitement would wash over me as I hit record every time a new song came on the radio. When I got older I became obsessed with CDs and built a pretty enviable collection. Digital music came along, and my collection was growing exponentially until the option of music subscriptions. With some now, like Amazon’s Music Unlimited, you can listen to pretty much anything you want whenever you want. I buy much less music as a result.

This blog post is not about collecting music. Maybe I will devote another one to that topic later. Rather, I would like to rattle on a little about using music while writing.

Are you a writer? Do you play music while writing? If so, what music do you turn to?

My music tastes are very eclectic, largely decided by the mood I am either in or want to be writing about. If I am dabbling with a bit of romance, Adele or Dido might be my artist of choice. Dealing with confrontation I may turn to something a little angrier. Two of my fallbacks are Linkin Park and the heavier tracks from Evanescence. A mellow passage might turn me to Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan or Enya. Looking to be happy or humorous, I may call on Michael Bublé.

Editing, we all know how painful it can be, typically points me to something without words so I can concentrate fully on butchering my work. My favorites are piano based, but there are many orchestral ones as well. There is a techno old favorite, David Arkenstone’s In the Wake of the Wind, that has been with me for decades. The soundtracks to A Beautiful Mind and Pride and Prejudice are also calming favorites.

I am not stuck in the past as many of the above references might imply. Streaming today’s pop, alternative and country stations frequently create the right mood or desire. Much of today’s music draws me, but a good playlist is like comfy slippers and a well-worn cardigan. Hence, I find myself returning to old friends often.

Perusing my digital playlists, I seem to be drawn to certain themes. Many of the songs in my collection have “home,” “breathe” or “rain” in the title. It remains a puzzle as to what that means. Still, I am fascinated by the fact that I am drawn to songs with similar subjects.

At times, rare as they may occur, I may turn off all music. Sometimes the voices in my head need to speak clearly for me to get through a particularly challenging passage. The silence does not last long. While it helps to focus momentarily, I tend to find myself drifting mentally or inclined to walk off and do other things. The music comes back on and I can (mostly) focus again. Music helps to drown out some of the lesser voices that are not needed in the moment.

Music is an important part of my writing ritual. What rituals are important to you?


In my last post, Decisions, I completely missed one of my biggest passions. Number two only to writing is music. Music is so much a part of my daily life that it is as constant as oxygen in the air around me.

I love how music can be a motivator. Who doesn’t love getting the morning started with a good remix to get your blood pumping? Music can be a comfort, when you have had that terrible day and just need someone to commiserate with you. Think REM’s Everybody Hurts. Music can be your rage, when you are so angry you just can’t see straight. Linkin Park was once my rage go-to group. Music can be your bond. What long time couple does not have a song or songs that define their relationship. And to me, music is the great memory inducer. Some songs transport me instantly to a time and place that I may otherwise never think about.

In my youth, for one summer, I was in love with a girl when George Michael’s Faith album came out. Those of you 40 and up will remember how much controversy revolved around that album, and for young people, that only drew us to it even more. That album became the soundtrack to our relationship. Faith was the start of our relationship, all happy and upbeat. Hard Day and Monkey came later when two teenagers were having a hard time navigating the rough waters of a relationship. I Want Your Sex led briefly to Father Figure with a possible pregnancy scare. One More Try came in after one of us made a serious mistake in judgement, but we were not ready to just end things. Kissing a Fool became the epitaph on our relationship tombstone.

To this day, now 30 years later, I cannot not hear any of those songs without being back in that teenage world. I do not know what happened to my Faith girl, but as long as those songs are played she will always be with me.