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Why I’m Excited to be a Billionaire Blog Club Member

A few months ago, I invested in Billionaire Blog Club (BBC). When you sign up, your sign up for life. One price covers you for all time. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. Here’s why.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. If you sign up through a link on this page, I will make a small commission, at no additional cost to you.


Becoming a lifetime member of Billionaire Blog Club gives you access to all of the books and videos that site owner, Paul Scrivens, AKA Scrivs, has put together. Scrivs is extremely (almost scarily) intelligent and has successfully launched dozens of blogs. Yes, dozens. It has probably changed, but I think the last time I checked he had 15 sites that were active.

What’s great about Scrivs having so many personal blogs is that he has first-hand knowledge about how to blog in a variety of niches. He takes all of the wisdom and builds it into each of his courses.

Scrivs started each of his blogs to prove that a blog could be successful in any niche. He then shaped that knowledge into a step-by-step video series that covers all of the things he does to take a site from ground zero to major income, including using social media, SEO and more.


Blogging can be a lonely business. To that end, and in addition to all the courses BBC provides, Scrivs sends out regular emails. He’s not one to waste his time on being salesy. His emails are written specifically for BBC members. When you become a BBC member, you are one for life, so there’s no need for him to try to sell you anything else. Most emails do not include any links.

Each email concentrates on sharing Scrivs’s knowledge and inspiration. As he learns new things about the blogging world, he passes that information on to the Billionaire Blog Club members.

The thing that I get the most value from is the fact that he’s not afraid to be brutally honest. In fact, it was one of his especially strong emails that pushed me out of my blog depression and made me get back to work.

In a nutshell, he said that the biggest mistake bloggers make isn’t in not knowing what to do. No, instead, the issue usually comes from not doing what they know they should do.

The email could have been written for me personally. That is exactly what my problem was (and still is, to some extent, though I am improving.) I had the plans to build a wheel, but I was spending all my time in my workshop trying to make a wheel without using that information.

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Again, blogging alone at home all day can be a lonely path. There’s no understanding shoulder to cry on when things go wrong or hands to high-five when you get that win. BBC solves that problem with their Slack community. Through forums available on Slack, all BBC members can freely share inspiration, joys, triumphs and failures (happily not many of these) with each other.

Since everyone is working toward the same goal, that of being a successful blogger, conversations are very positive, encouraging and relevant. Everyone is working together so that everyone can succeed.

I’m not the type to join into most of the conversations. However, by following and reading the questions other members ask and the answers provided, many of the issues I’ve had with my own blog have been quickly fixed.

It’s very impressive to me that Scrivs makes himself available through the Billionaire Blog Club forum almost every day. He does this to make sure that each member is getting the direction that they wanted when they first purchased their membership.

However, even if he is not available, there are always other members online. Since everyone is on their own timeline, there’s bound to be someone ahead of you in the process that can quickly answer your questions. Plus, BBC employs a community manager and she is almost always quick to respond.


When you become a Billionaire Blog Club member, you have the assurance that you will have access to everything that Scrivs produces moving forward. Right now, the thing we are all excited about is the fact that BBC will soon become MOMO. Scrivs isn’t telling us what MOMO stands for, but we do know that our BBC membership will transfer over to a lifetime MOMO membership.

Right now, BBC is open to new memberships until 8/3/2018. The price is $397, but that is a steal. Once MOMO is fully launched and open for enrollment, the started entry will be well over $1000. If you think you want in, now is the time to act.

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As much as I love BBC, it is not the right program for every blogger. I connect well to the way Scrivs teaches his video courses and writes his content. I am determined to be successful, no matter how unpleasant parts of the journey may be.

It’s also quite an investment. In fact, the purchase price is $397 US. In my mind, it is well worth that price just for the hundreds of step-by-step videos. I learn things from BBC that I have never seen from any other blogger. Once MOMO launches, things will be even more comprehensive.

But it’s a hefty investment, so you should not buy it unless you are very serious about putting in the time and effort that is required to make a blog successful. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time, at least in the beginning.

The good news is that if you think you might be interested, there is a free Blogging Bootcamp available on the top of the main Billionaire Blog Club page. The Bootcamp lets you learn a little more about Scrivs and his teaching style without any obligation. However, keep in mind that enrollment closes this Friday.

Note: Scrivs is very real and not afraid to say whatever needs to be said. Personally, I need that type of mentor, but some people might want someone that is going to be all sunshine and rainbows. That’s not Scrivs, though he is awesome and super funny.

Message Me

Do you still have  questions about Billionaire Blog Club? Feel free to message me through the Contact Page. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Try out the free Blogging Bootcamp for a couple of days. If you like what you see, then sign up. It’s that simple and a worthy investment. If you know you already want to sign up, click here and then click “Join” in the upper right hand corner. Then come back and let me know.