Advice for New Bloggers: Blog Posts — Ryann the Reader

This week’s advice focuses on something that still makes me feel like a brand new blogger sometimes, and that is my blog posts! Sometimes it’s really hard to know when or what to post, or if a draft is…

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 1

I set out to change everything. I dusted off the novel I had been working on periodically over that last fifteen years and set about self-publishing on Amazon. I put a plan in motion to quit my job, to start freelancing and created a blog.

Review: Working Stiffs by Scott Bell

Scott Bell’s Working Stiffs is a new twist on the dystopian zombie genre. Rather than being created from the bite of another zombie, these zombies, called Revivants, are created by injected nanobots as a scientific solution to cheap and endless labor.

Lesson 6: … I don’t know much

Lesson 6: I’ve learned that I really do not know very much.
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Mysterious – a Poem

A poem about who you really are on the inside. #Poem #Poet #Poetry

A presence near
The heart sincere
Goodbye to fear
Home is here…

Propelling Your Blog As The Next Hot Ticket Item — The Little Mermaid

Eureka! I’ve finally discovered the secret to blogging success! The good news is that I can’t wait to share the magic potion with all of you! Whoot! Ready? Let’s get started… What is ‘blogging success’ at the outset? Is it something achievable? Is it quantifiable? For me, a successful blog is one that is loved […] […]

Review: The Cairo Accord (Hadrian’s Gate Series) by Georgia Knight

Mr. Bowen creates such detailed and vivid descriptions that you cannot help but experience the worlds he has created.

Should You Write Every Day? A Close Look at the Oldest Piece of Writing Advice

Façade – Poem

You smile, you cheer
You meet and greet
You walk and talk
You run your feet
You shine so bright
You look complete
You call yourself
The sun beneath…(Read More)

New Year – New Possibilities

It would be nice to know what a variety of writers have for their 2018 expectations. Here are mine.