Lesson 4: …to be surrounded with the positive

I’ve learned that I am too easily affected by negativity, so I must fill my life with positive people.

Anguish – Poem

Within my mind I build you up
I put you up quite far
I make a wish and have a dream
And pain of truth I bar…

Change – Poem

Everything still looks the same
Everyone’s still here
There’s not a thing that’s really changed
When held up to a mirror…

Journal – Poem

Open books lay on the table
Facts about a man not able 
Tell the story few want to know
And how a man put on a show…

Lesson 3: …to not say, “Just kidding”

I learned to be vigilant with the words that escaped from my mouth. Internally, I ask myself, Am I sincere in what I am about to say? How will my audience interpret my words? Are they kind and upbuilding?

Smile Today – Poem

The peace of sleep shattered by the dying
The rising sound of a baby crying
Roused from the bed I preset today’s stage
There’s no good news on the newspaper page…

Love Song – Poem

There is a song I once did hear
That brought me joy and peace of mind
Of lovers found and thoughtful leer
With one for each of all mankind…(Read More)

Friend or Foe? – Poem

I wrote this poem specifically to work out the obsession with alcohol of Tom Jacobs, the protagonist in my debut novel, Getting Home.

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Shadows of Doubt – First Draft

This past weekend I started a new novel, working title, Shadows of Doubt. I already have a good idea which direction it will take but would be interested in some input on the front end. Below is a very rough draft of the opening 1500 words. Please share your thoughts.