4 Lessons I’ve Learned About My Blogging Journey

This week for Monday’s Musings I talk about four lessons I learned recently about blogging.

5 Star Review

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Repost: Q&A: Getting Home by Wolfe Butler

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Author Alter Egos and the Future of Scribbles

Today’s Writer Wednesday is highlighting this post by J. A. Allen about some of the struggles we face as writers and bloggers. With humor and feeling, she details some of the obstacles we are confronted with and the negative emotions that go along with them. via Author Alter Egos and the Future of Scribbles

Why You Should Always Say, “I Love You”

Why You Should Always Say, “I Love You” For years I have scribbled short notes to myself regarding life lessons learned along the way. I have a box that is full of those notes. They are the reminders that even in the worst times there are important lessons to be learned. Many people have the […]

By the Quiver by Jeremiah Trent

This is one of my favorite poems from this week. via By the Quiver

My mistake by Bright Red Pen

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37 Quotes to ReFloat Your Motivational Boat

This blog of motivational quotes was exactly what I needed last week when I stumbled upon them. Enjoy! https://wp.me/p7sOCg-1rD

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 2

Most bloggers only start posting their stats when they are making $500 or more per month. For many of those blogs, they were six months to two years in before they saw that monthly income. What happened during their earlier months? That is what I am most interested in learning right now and what I plan to share.

What I Learned From the Cider House Rules

I’ve learned that even with an abundance of planning, sometimes the journey chooses you.