37 Quotes to ReFloat Your Motivational Boat

This blog of motivational quotes was exactly what I needed last week when I stumbled upon them. Enjoy! https://wp.me/p7sOCg-1rD

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 2

Most bloggers only start posting their stats when they are making $500 or more per month. For many of those blogs, they were six months to two years in before they saw that monthly income. What happened during their earlier months? That is what I am most interested in learning right now and what I plan to share.

What I Learned From the Cider House Rules

I’ve learned that even with an abundance of planning, sometimes the journey chooses you.

Book Review – A Sword in Time by Cidney Swanson

A Sword in Time is the third book in the Thief in Time Series by Cidney Swanson. The time travel series is geared toward a young adult audience.

How To Hunt For Bigfoot And Make A Male Friend — dadding depressed

Today’s Writer Wednesday post is a little different. I am not sharing writing or blogging advice this week. Instead, this humorous, and entirely too accurate, post brought me both fond memories and more than one laugh-out-loud moment. You need more levity in your life. We all do. Read and enjoy! – Wolfe The male friend […]

Tree – Poem

Tree so tall
Leaves fall
Never touch ground…

Love for Series Books

I find myself thinking a lot about the books that have shaped me up to this point. I have always been a book lover. The first chapter book I read was Charlotte’s Web. I cannot remember exactly how old I was. What I do remember vividly is how excited I was to be transformed into a new world and the intoxicating power of words.

How To Be The Good You Want to See

How can you #BeTheGood that the world needs right now?

Book Review: Getting Home – The 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Programme

Thank you so much to tropicalmary.com for publishing my first official review for Getting Home. Click through the link to read: via Book Review: Getting Home – The 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Programme

One Spoke — What Rhymes with Stanza?

It has been a really crazy week with learning a new job. I have not had a chance to format anything of my own for posting. Instead, I am sharing this poem by Maggie C. I stumbled upon it this week when I should have been preparing my own blog posts. I really appreciate the […]