Review: Beginner Internet Marketing Series by Gundi Gabrielle

The following books are exactly what you need. If you are new to blogging, or even not so new, you should read Gundi Gabrielle’s Beginner Internet Marketing Series. The series is geared to beginner bloggers, but there is a lot of information and resources that will be of benefit to any blogger. My original intention […]

5 Posts to Improve Your Day

An author interview, short story, writer tips and chocolate. Read 5 posts I enjoyed this week.

Paradise – Current WIP – Prologue and Chapter One

Hello blogosphere! Today I am adding another feature to my site. I have decided to start sharing a chapter each week from my current work in progress. My working title is Paradise, but I have no intention of that being the final title. What I am sharing is the first draft, so don’t say you […]

4 Lessons I’ve Learned About My Blogging Journey

This week for Monday’s Musings I talk about four lessons I learned recently about blogging.

5 Star Review

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Repost: Q&A: Getting Home by Wolfe Butler

via Q&A: Getting Home by Wolfe Butler

Author Alter Egos and the Future of Scribbles

Today’s Writer Wednesday is highlighting this post by J. A. Allen about some of the struggles we face as writers and bloggers. With humor and feeling, she details some of the obstacles we are confronted with and the negative emotions that go along with them. via Author Alter Egos and the Future of Scribbles

Why You Should Always Say, “I Love You”

Why You Should Always Say, “I Love You” For years I have scribbled short notes to myself regarding life lessons learned along the way. I have a box that is full of those notes. They are the reminders that even in the worst times there are important lessons to be learned. Many people have the […]

By the Quiver by Jeremiah Trent

This is one of my favorite poems from this week. via By the Quiver

My mistake by Bright Red Pen

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