Paradise WIP – Chapter 16

Paradise Chapter 16 - a science fiction work in progress by Wolfe Butler. #scifi #sciencefiction #WIP

Author’s Note: Hello, dear readers. Thank you for continuing to share in my journey of writing a new science fiction novel. This week’s chapter picks up the continue conversation in the med bay between Roman, Max and Sam. Decisions are made and a new mission is started. If you are new to this story, you can […]

Why Bloggers Should Include Pinterest Pins in Their Posts

Pinterest is an amazing platform that can produce lots of free traffic. Learn some basics and why you should include tall pins in every blog post. | #Pinterest #SocialMedia #BloggingTips

If you are a blogger and not using PInterest, you need to change that today. Many blogs are getting 400,000 or more pages views each month almost exclusively from PInterest. I am not one of those bloggers – yet. However, I am seeing big gains from Pinterest. More on that below and in a future […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 15

Author’s Introduction: Welcome to the next chapter of the science fiction, work-in-progress, Paradise. Last week, we were left with the thought that everything had to change. That conversation continues this week. If you are new to this story, chapters 1-14 are all online. The tale is being shared as it is written. That means it’s […]

Q&A With Wolfe Butler by Kristy Jo Volchko

Q&A With Wolfe Butler by Kristy Jo Volchko I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by Kristy Jo Volchko on her site recently. Mostly we talked about my book, Getting Home, but she also asked some additional interesting questions. You can read the complete interview through the link below. via Q&A With Wolfe Butler

When You Are Stumped By Your About Page

When You Are Stumped By Your About Page As the Toby Keith song goes, “I wanna talk about me.” Well, not really, and that was kind of the problem with my About Page. It’s not always easy for me to talk about me. I know there is probably some standard format that should be used […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 14

Hello readers! I am happy to present chapter 14 of my current work-in-progress, and also happy to report that I have been writing actively. That means that the next two chapters are complete and the third is well under way. If you are new to this series, Paradise is the working title of my sci-fi […]

Why You Should Drop Back And Punt

Why you should sometimes drop back and punt.

Lesson 15: I’ve Learned that sometimes you sprint for the goal line, and sometimes you fall back and punt. If you know me at all, you are probably a little surprised that this I’ve Learned installment is starting with a sports metaphor. It’s not that I don’t like sports. Watching football with a group of […]

This Moment – A Poem

This Moment I sit aside and watch the world The scene bestirs my heart I see the light and life shine forth And wish to play a part The sun shines bright, the birds do sing The Earth is all aglow The flowers bloom and bunnies hop And all around seems slow I wish I […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Author’s Note: Hello, readers! I apologize, but due to circumstances beyond my control, this chapter is a day late in being published. If you are just finding this series, Paradise is the working title of my current science fiction work-in-progress. The story tells the tale of one man trying to make sense of […]

You Asked Me – Poem by Wolfe Butler

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Author’s Note My wife has been with me a lot lately. Actually, she always is. Her voice has been some louder as I wander recently through treasured memories. Maybe it’s because I am nearing the time of year when I lost her. Or it could be that there is some […]