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Getting Home – A Retrospective

It was a rainy August afternoon when pen first met paper. The prologue were the words I wrote first. Writing a novel was my dream, but I did not have a story waiting to get out. I only knew that I wanted to write.

Diego – Short Story

Diego - a short story by Wolfe Butler. Would you save someone who had caused you a lot of pain?

The movies romanticize death. They lead us to believe that death is this beautiful, if not magical, event. We want to believe that there is some sort of otherworldly transformation when one reaches the end of his life. We imagine that death is a sacred and ceremonial event. The truth is, death is nothing. In a second, life becomes death with no fan fair or revelations or transformations. I know this because I was there the day my best friend died.


In my last post, Decisions, I completely missed one of my biggest passions. Number two only to writing is music. Music is so much a part of my daily life that it is as constant as oxygen in the air around me. I love how music can be a motivator. Who doesn’t love getting the […]


One of my great passions is for poetry. Starting today I have added a page where I will be adding some of my favorites that I have written over the years. Today I am adding one called Whispered Silence. It was written during a time when I was first discovering that my best friend was really […]


I am feeling a little overwhelmed today. I thought finishing and formatting the book was going to be the hard part. Now trying to find my way into the digital social network world is forcing me to learn an abundance of new things. I am excited for the journey ahead and know that will skills […]