Whispered Silence

Author’s Note: This is a poem about love that goes unspoken.


It is a gift, that we be friends

Find peace and joy, reach common ends

To know we’re heard and understood

That words are kept and held for good

We share a glance and each do know

And see the truth despite the show

We feel the script before the tale

And know the end despite black veil

There is a bond, connection strong

True harmony, near perfect song

But not quite all, no total prize

Just one thing kept to make us wise

We cannot share time spent alone

But be content with muffled drone


With quiet days and empty park

Share secrets long in whispered dark

No freedom found, watch ev’ry word

No ‘just jump in,’ but bring a third

Great shopping trips nor moonlit walks

Nor secrets told in night-long talks

There is solace in what we share

To be a half of quite a pair

For nothing is quite perfect yet

Each thing a flaw or small regret

No polished song, just like the rose

That smells so sweet, to please the nose

Has velvet touch with crimson blush

Brings joy to all with festive hush

But bears a flaw, keeps us at bay

The thorn of truth, no perfect day

– March 14, 2005

Whispered Silence

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