This Show 

This Show 2

The truth you see you do not know

Is just a scene, a rehearsed show

You see the smile, the works of good

To you the facts are understood

It seems so plain, an open book

With little work you inside look

And you find peace, think all is well

All is quite good, this you can tell

But what is truth, you’d never guess

Inside chaos, a great big mess

You see the act, improved with time

Is no more real than simple mime

For could you peer, delve in this book

And see the truth that lies forsook

You’d know the tale, the painful fact

That this mirage is just a pact

A promise made to sell the soul

To look good now the only goal

For opened doors reveal the death

That steps more near with every breath

This that you see, a poor mirage

Conceals a fate I cannot dodge

There is no good found here below

Nothing to save after the show

A heart that’s bad deserves no grace

The end will come, forget the face

I take the gift, convincing veil

As my reward till truths prevail

It means more now that you believe

That what you see with truth does cleave

That smiling face and worthwhile deeds

Are proof of good and bearing seeds

And when judgment does call my life

And sordid truth reveals the strife

When masks do fade and all is shown

I’ll pay the price, this hefty loan

And as I die, your pain be brief

As all your pain finds new relief

You’ll hate me brief once you see all

The new world gift erases all

And of me then, you’ll no more think

My price be paid, my final drink

Then life goes on, perfect for you

All mem’ry gone of what you knew

– June 5, 2005

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