The Process

The Process 2

An empty page, a brand new start

One path by mind and one by heart

The first small strokes of the artist’s pen

A path is chosen, a new world falls open

Characters emerge, each one unique

Histories, futures, relationships peak

The artist controls each varied life

Adds to it happiness, love and strife

Some he’ll grow into mighty love

Others he’ll shrivel or simply ignore

With the blank page no decisions are made

But with each word destinies laid

A feeling of power, such perfect control

Or is it obsession, right from the soul

This need to create when nothing is there

To let out the stories you shouldn’t dare

For the page is a challenge great

One to which you may not relate

And it begs to be used up

While you pour from your cup

And you stick to the choices of what you create

Till the pages are filled, so why hesitate

– October 23, 2004

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