This pain inside screams back at me

It makes my head to pound

These words I keep and cannot tell

These thoughts that make no sound

 I look at you and feel my love

And bite my tongue to think

You are the rhythm of my heart

I fly each time you wink

I keep this thought held deep inside

To none that I should tell

I guard my words with golden key

Locked safe within my cell

 In your dark eyes I see you know

Though words are never spoke

We walk along this subject banned

Our silence never broke

 I pray one day I can tell you

Just all my heart does feel

My love for you will come alive

My dreams will then be real

But for this time I cannot tell

I must betray no clue

No words, no acts, no feelings shown

All done to protect you

 And if it never comes to pass

My love stays always hid

I’ll still cherish all that we shared

And bless all that you did

-January 16, 2005


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