Whose woods these are, I thought I knew

From stories told, those old and few

I followed blind, these tales of old

Believed them all, defended bold

I came to fear, these lovely woods

I wouldn’t look in or take their goods

To stay away, my distance wide

And when too close, away I’d hide

But then one day, I had no choice

These woods called me with booming voice

I stepped inside, my heart in fear.

Expecting worst and terror near

But in I went, yes deeper still

To conquer them was on my bill

Once deep inside, what great surprise

Great beauty found before my eyes

Lush green and blue, abundant life

Small streams and ponds, no sign of strife

I stood in awe, I could not believe

That this I’d missed, made my heart grieve

The truth I thought I’d always known

Revealed as lies, deceit was sown

Why this was hid, I couldn’t conceive

Who once inside, would ever leave?

I sat beside the babbling brook

And cried in pain, my heat forsook

This beauty found, which so awed me

Betrayed a lot and made me see

Not every word should be believed

Some things held off and not received

I thought of those who fed me lies

And wondered why thru sobbing cries

This was a place no one should fear

A place to sit and inside peer

I wished to stay and never flee

But thought of those still yet to see

So out I walked, now filled with light

And set a course these lies to fight

For all should see this treasure grand

Not live in fear, but take a stand

January 6, 2005

Fiction, Poetry, and Life Lessons Learned for Bloggers and Writers

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