This Moment – A Poem

This Moment I sit aside and watch the world The scene bestirs my heart I see the light and life shine forth And wish to play a part The sun shines bright, the birds do sing The Earth is all aglow The flowers bloom and bunnies hop And all around seems slow I wish I […]

You Asked Me – Poem by Wolfe Butler

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Author’s Note My wife has been with me a lot lately. Actually, she always is. Her voice has been some louder as I wander recently through treasured memories. Maybe it’s because I am nearing the time of year when I lost her. Or it could be that there is some […]

10 Poems From Poets You Don’t Know – Yet

10 Poems From Poets You Don’t Know – Yet Here is a collection of poems from poets you may not already know. Click on each title to read the poem.                             Which one did you enjoy the most? What other poems have […]

By the Quiver by Jeremiah Trent

This is one of my favorite poems from this week. via By the Quiver

My mistake by Bright Red Pen

via My mistake

Tree – Poem

Tree so tall
Leaves fall
Never touch ground…

One Spoke — What Rhymes with Stanza?

It has been a really crazy week with learning a new job. I have not had a chance to format anything of my own for posting. Instead, I am sharing this poem by Maggie C. I stumbled upon it this week when I should have been preparing my own blog posts. I really appreciate the […]

Mysterious – a Poem

A presence near
The heart sincere
Goodbye to fear
Home is here…

Façade – Poem

You smile, you cheer
You meet and greet
You walk and talk
You run your feet
You shine so bright
You look complete
You call yourself
The sun beneath…(Read More)

Frozen Lake – Poem

I tried to walk
Alone across
An endless frozen sea
T’was dark as coal
All twilight gone
A path I did not know…(Read More)