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Q&A With Wolfe Butler by Kristy Jo Volchko

Q&A With Wolfe Butler by Kristy Jo Volchko

I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by Kristy Jo Volchko on her site recently. Mostly we talked about my book, Getting Home, but she also asked some additional interesting questions. You can read the complete interview through the link below.

Q&A With Wolfe Butler

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5 Posts to Improve Your Day

5 Posts to Improve Your Day


 SELRES_0e3ffaff-72c4-47ee-a850-9110ee4fc52cSELRES_218b801c-e252-4c4e-9248-2b2ce74aac84SELRES_699ddfef-aa3a-4145-beb5-078f0da65bbfSELRES_868a4714-9a0b-4201-9b50-9c5d976e95c0SELRES_e124c60e-aa81-4e01-a032-e5bea1a16bf7SELRES_d512317e-66ba-461c-b5a4-8d815f8e1be3SELRES_b959905f-09d9-4a13-92fd-a7466eb5873dSELRES_5683315f-a5c3-43dc-9d97-ff9d86c0ea70SELRES_641929f0-88b9-4989-905b-288ed142d164SELRES_9ccb10a0-009f-47bb-a8e7-c3c8398b8115SELRES_6d08e0b0-8aa7-4388-91a3-2e384d9be0b2SELRES_1eeba409-5c0f-4869-87c7-5018ffda089dFor today’s Writer Wednesday edition, I have decided to share a few of the blog posts with writing tips that I have enjoyed over the past few days.SELRES_1eeba409-5c0f-4869-87c7-5018ffda089dSELRES_6d08e0b0-8aa7-4388-91a3-2e384d9be0b2SELRES_9ccb10a0-009f-47bb-a8e7-c3c8398b8115SELRES_641929f0-88b9-4989-905b-288ed142d164SELRES_5683315f-a5c3-43dc-9d97-ff9d86c0ea70SELRES_b959905f-09d9-4a13-92fd-a7466eb5873dSELRES_d512317e-66ba-461c-b5a4-8d815f8e1be3SELRES_e124c60e-aa81-4e01-a032-e5bea1a16bf7SELRES_868a4714-9a0b-4201-9b50-9c5d976e95c0SELRES_699ddfef-aa3a-4145-beb5-078f0da65bbfSELRES_218b801c-e252-4c4e-9248-2b2ce74aac84SELRES_0e3ffaff-72c4-47ee-a850-9110ee4fc52c

First up is a post by Writer’s Edit with thirteen ways to help indie authors. As an indie author myself, it is a subject very near and dear to my heart. This post has some great ways that you can help other indie authors and gain their eternal gratitude.

5 Posts to Improve Your Day

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Next up is a post from Yuan Yuan Writes about benefiting from constructive criticism. Our writing is like our children so when someone criticizes it we may quickly become angry or defensive. This post has some great tips on how you can turn this negative into a positive.

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The following post by Claire Smith addresses one of the biggest struggles all writers face: writer’s block. There will be days when writing is the last thing you want to do. In this post Claire gives nine tips to keep writing.

via 9 Tips To Write When You Just Can’t Even



John J. Vinacci’s post answers the question on where he gets his story ideas. It is a great question to mediate on from time to time and John would love your feedback as a comment to his post.

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Last, but certainly not least, is a post to add a little fun to your day. This short story by Liz Jeffries is a fun and brief diversion. Oh, and it includes chocolate. What could be better than that?

via Some Short, Short Short Story Fun For a Wednesday Night. Warning: Mentions of Chocolate

Repost: Q&A: Getting Home by Wolfe Butler

via Q&A: Getting Home by Wolfe Butler

Author Alter Egos and the Future of Scribbles

Today’s Writer Wednesday is highlighting this post by J. A. Allen about some of the struggles we face as writers and bloggers. With humor and feeling, she details some of the obstacles we are confronted with and the negative emotions that go along with them.

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By the Quiver by Jeremiah Trent

This is one of my favorite poems from this week.

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Advice for New Bloggers: Blog Posts — Ryann the Reader

Hello readers. I have decided to use Wednesdays to highlight other writers and bloggers that have written posts that really resonated with me. I really enjoyed this post by Ryann the Reader. I really needed these words this week when I am feeling a little, okay more than a little, overwhelmed by all the new changes in my life. These are some great tips. Enjoy!

Happy Friday everybody! I’m back with a bit more advice for anyone just starting their blog. This week’s advice focuses on something that still makes me feel like a brand new blogger sometimes, and that is my blog posts! Sometimes it’s really hard to know when or what to post, or if a draft is […]

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