The Versatile Blogger Award – Wolfe Butler’s Take

It was a wonderful surprise to sign on to Twitter a few days ago and see I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely and talented blogger behind the Searching For Humor Blog. Now, let me start by saying I don’t understand these blog awards. I have seen several variations in my […]

Why Bloggers Should Include Pinterest Pins in Their Posts

If you are a blogger and not using PInterest, you need to change that today. Many blogs are getting 400,000 or more pages views each month almost exclusively from PInterest. I am not one of those bloggers – yet. However, I am seeing big gains from Pinterest. More on that below and in a future […]

When You Are Stumped By Your About Page

When You Are Stumped By Your About Page As the Toby Keith song goes, “I wanna talk about me.” Well, not really, and that was kind of the problem with my About Page. It’s not always easy for me to talk about me. I know there is probably some standard format that should be used […]

Why You Should Drop Back And Punt

Lesson 15: I’ve Learned that sometimes you sprint for the goal line, and sometimes you fall back and punt. If you know me at all, you are probably a little surprised that this I’ve Learned installment is starting with a sports metaphor. It’s not that I don’t like sports. Watching football with a group of […]

7 Lessons About Blogging That Last Year Taught Us

The internet is a constantly evolving animal. Blogger advice received today might not be accurate tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean there is not lessons about blogging to be learned. Well, maybe not that quick. It does often seem like things change overnight. Last year was a huge year for blogging. That knowledge is a big […]

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 4 – Path to Becoming a Successful Blogger

It’s been a roller coaster ride. Blogging is a new adventure every day. Some are great. Some… well let’s stay positive. So it goes on the path to becoming a successful blogger. For the most part, it’s a fantastic journey. This blog went live in November 2017. In this series, I am sharing my real […]

10 Blogs to Visit Today

10 Blogs to Visit Today Every Wednesday (well, most Wednesdays), I try to take a few minutes to promote other writers and bloggers through my Wednesday Writer series. Here are ten blog posts I enjoyed recently.   Click on the title to visit the blog. 1. Sneak Peek: Opening scene from Scotch Mist: a Dottie […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 4

Paradise WIP – Chapter 4 I felt the ground rumble beneath me but I was so tired I didn’t want to open my eyes. Then the ground rumbled again, more violently. “Roman, we’ve got to move, now!” It was a woman’s voice. I couldn’t identify it but I knew it was familiar. “In a minute,” […]

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 3

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 3 Tale of a New Blogger tells the true story of a blogger experience. This series shares the real stats, triumphs and epic fails experienced along the way. It doesn’t seem possible that it can be time for March Madness already. Bring on the excitement! It feels like […]

6 Blogs to Brighten Your Wednesday

6 Blogs to Brighten Your Wednesday For today’s Wednesday Writer Spotlight, I have a hodgepodge of great posts from other blogs. Please forgive me that this is a little less organized than I would prefer. Life seems to be getting away from me the last few weeks. So even though I started this post two […]