15 Best Gifts for Wrtiers and Poets

15 Best Gift Ideas for Thoughtful Writers and Poets

The writer in your life needs a gift, and who best to tell you the best gifts but another writer. This post looks at 15 unique gifts for writers with items that are on real author’s wishlists. It also includes comments as to why I love each item.

15 Best Gift Ideas for Thoughtful Writers and Poets

This list of gifts for writers could also be called, “A writer’s wishlist.” Everything on this list is either something I have already purchased or that I hope to in the near future.

1. SUPERJARE 9-Shelf Tree Bookshelf

Every book lover always needs more space for books. The SuperJare tree bookshelf has a unique design that will display your books in an attractive way. Its dimensions are 55.8”x 9.8”x 19.6” making it the perfect size for just about any room.

Why I Love It

This bookshelf is on my wish list because it is pleasing to look at and different enough to start conversations. It’s not very wide, so it will fit almost anywhere you would like more book space. Three different color options are available (black, cherry, gray), though I am partial to the cherry.

2. Uni-Ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

As a writer, you can never have enough pens, and Uni-Ball is known for their high-quality assortment. The Vision Elite series is one of the smoothest writing pens you will find. Great for taking notes or writing in a journal, these pens will quickly become your favorites.

Why I Love It

Vision Elite pens are my favorite because of how well they write. I love that they have a cap, so I never have to worry about them opening if they are in a suit pocket. The eight colors mean I can color-code my notes as I write them rather than having to go back later with a highlighter. A set of these pens lasts me 4-6 months.

3. Emenest Glass Apothecary Jars

Who doesn’t love candy? The Emenest Glass apothecary jars will be the highlight of any author’s desk or home office. This 3-pack comes with a small (9.5″ height, 4″ diameter), medium (11″ height, 4.5″ diameter), and large (8.5″ height, 4.75″ diameter) jar. Each jar is hand blown and has a removable cap.

Why I Love It

I’m a little addicted to sugar, so it’s nice to have a few bits of candy nearby when I need a little break or pick-me-up. I love that there are three jars in the set, so that I can have one for M&Ms, another for LifeSavers, and a third for Jelly Belly jelly beans. Yes, I like sugar that much. Don’t judge me.

4. Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook

In addition to pens, writer’s can never have enough notebooks. This 32-page notebook is different, though, as it can be used over and over again.  Designed to work with any Pilot Frixion pen, highlighter or marker, its pages can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If you frequently scribble short-term notes, this notebook should be part of your green initiative.

Why I Love It

I’m one of those writers with sticky notes stuck to everything. This is a great alternative for temporary notes. I keep one by the bed for those odd thoughts and story ideas that invariably show up in the middle of the night.

5. Wall Art Moon Sea Ocean Landscape Picture

The ideal writing space has at least some visual stimulation. My desk is near a large window, so I can enjoy my yard when I need a moment of inspiration. This moon and sea picture is both inspiring and calming. Art is always appreciated on lists of gifts for writers.

Why I Love It

Two of my favorite things are the moon and the sea. The picture captures both beautifully yet is not so big as to take up a lot of wall space.

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6. CafePress – Writer’s Clock

What’s the most important thing for a writer? To be writing! This fun clock reminds you every time you look at it what you should be doing.

Why I Love It

I love the humor on this clock face, especially the panic and booze spaces. Now, I don’t have to feel guilty for that glass of wine because the clock says that’s what time it is.

7. Tree Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to keep the creative juices flowing. This beautiful, faux leather journal will inspire you to write just by looking at it. Journals are always high on the list of gifts for writers.

Why I Love It

A third item on my favorites list is trees. I love that there is a tree embossed on the cover of this journal. There are eight options for the cover including a compass and mountains, which are my other two favorites.

8. Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic poetry was always one of my wife’s favorite things, and our refrigerator was always covered with words. This set includes three hundred magnetic words that will have you standing at your fridge for hours at a time.

Why I Love It

My biggest struggle with writing poetry is coming up with the right words. Having this set on the refrigerator, all I have to do is stand there and look over the words, rearranging them as needed. This is also a great gift for families with children as it encourages both reading and writing.

9. Great Drinkers – 6 Piece Shot Glass Set

This tongue-in-cheek shot glass set is all about humor. Featuring famous authors like Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, W. B. Yeats, Charles Baudelaire, and Lord Byron, at least you know you are drinking in good company.

Why I Love It

It always brings on a lively and fun conversation when I bring out this set of shot glasses. Each author’s glass also shows one of their quotes about alcohol or drinking.

10. The Storymatic Classic

Everyone gets writer’s block from time-to-time, so having the right writing prompt is often essential. This set includes 540 unique cards with nearly unlimited combinations.

Why I Love It

When I’m really blocked, I need something to get me out of my normal headspace. Grabbing a couple of these random cards almost always does the trick, and often they end up fodder in whatever work I am currently working on.

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11. Vintage Feather Dip Pen Ink Set

Every writer should have a quill and ink set in their collection. This beautiful set features an antique-looking feather with five writing nibs.

Why I Love It

This set is a décor piece in my home, sitting on a shelf near my writing desk. It comes in four different feather options, though my wife was partial to the peacock feather. A quill is one of the best gifts for writers.

12. 5-Piece Typewriter Coaster Set

This is another gift idea that will get people talking. Shaped like an old-timey typewriter, this coaster set looks great even when not in use.

Why I Love It

I have a special fondness for old typewriters because I first taught myself to type on an old manual one. These coasters bring back fond memories while protecting my furniture from the perils of sweet tea.

13. “Please Do Not Annoy The Writer” Mug

Who of us hasn’t killed a friend or two in our writing over the years? Okay, so I won’t ask for a show of hands. This 11-ounce mug is a great way to put a smile on your face or to get others talking at the office.

Why I Love It

To me, humor is an important part of good mental health. This cup makes me laugh every time I look at it.

14. The Writer’s Toolbox

The Writer’s Toolbox is another gift option designed to combat writer’s block. A longtime creative writing teacher crafted the kit. It includes:

  • 64-page booklet filled with exercises
  • 60 exercise sticks First Sentences
  • Non-Sequiturs
  • Last Straws
  • 60 cards fuel creative descriptions
  • 4 spinner palettes

Why I Love It

I love anything that gets me unstuck. While I have not purchased this toolbox yet, it is most definitely on my wish list.

15. AcuRite 01121M Vertical Wireless Color Weather Station

The weather station was picked because it’s always good to remind writer’s that there is a world outside their office and workspace. Its display includes the date and time, indoor and outdoor temps, and the weather forecast.

Why I Love It

I’m a little obsessed with the weather, so there are actually two of these in my house. I love that it also includes a humidity sensor, so I know when I need to click on the air or the dehumidifier.

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Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of some of my favorite gifts for writers and poets. If you did, please share this post with others.

15 Best Gifts for Writers and Poets


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  1. My sister got me the ‘Please do not annoy the writer mug’ last Christmas! It really was an awesome gift.
    I’ve wanted a Rocketbook for ages, but still can’t justify the cost. Maybe I’ll put it on my birthday list 🙂

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