9 Reasons why you should upgrade Crowdfire

9 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Crowdfire

Blogging seems to be a constantly moving target. Every time you feel like you have finally mastered a part of the process, a Google alert or email announces some new change that completely changes at least a portion of the blogging experience. All these constant changes mean you sometimes need relevant help, and that’s why I chose to upgrade Crowdfire.

You do not have to upgrade Crowdfire to get access to their great tool. In fact, most everything is available to you on the free version, though there are some restrictions as to the number of actions per day. The free option is a great way to test out the app and see if it’s best for you.

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What Is CrowdFire?

The short answer is that Crowdfire is the best way to manage your social media accounts and the content you share. It is constantly improving and will help you manage sharing for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. In addition to content options, with Twitter, you can also monitor and increase your followers through smart suggestions. More on this in the Twitter section.

Most of all, it is a time saver. If you regularly read my blog, you know how much I enjoy being on Twitter. However, that meant I was spending hours each week following or unfollowing users and posting or scheduling quality content. Thanks to this time-saver, I now spend my time on Twitter interacting with other Tweeters posts and don’t worry so much about my followers as Crowdfire has that handled for me.

9 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade CrowdFire

While Crowdfire has an excellent free option with lots of helpful tools, the remainder of this article will concentrate on the reasons why you should consider upgrading.

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1. How Does It Help With Twitter?

Twitter is the number one reason why I chose to upgrade Crowdfire. With the app, you have the ability to schedule great content, monitor your followers, and see which accounts have stopped following you. Additionally, you can set keywords and specific Twitter users to follow, and the program will give you smart suggestions on which accounts you should follow and which posts you should like.

I will admit, I do not follow their prescription for growth every day, and if I did my results would be even better. However, in just the last 30 days, following their advice many days in the month has resulted in a net growth of over 1000 new followers. These seem to be quality followers as I notice each week that the number of unfollowers seems to be dropping.

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2. How Does It Help With Facebook?

Due to Facebook rules, Crowdfire cannot post directly to a personal profile at this time. That said, it can and does a wonderful job of posting to Facebook pages. That means, if you have an author page, you can make sure that you are posting quality and relevant content on a regular basis.

Before I chose to upgrade Crowdfire, I have to admit that there were times my author page was being neglected. That is no longer the case, and my page engagements have gone up dramatically as a result. It has become an integral part of my blogging journey.

You can learn more about my blogging journey in the post, This and That.

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3. How Does It Help With Pinterest?

Pinterest can be a fickle mistress, so she’s not always easy to work with or understand. However, Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to leading traffic to your site, so you want to make sure you are regular posting content links there.

Posting new pins to Pinterest has never been easier than it is with Crowdfire. In addition, if there’s great content you want to share on Twitter, you can also share it on Pinterest with just a click of a button. One post, multiple platforms, and with just one click.

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4. How Does It Help With Instagram?

Instagram is sometimes frustrating to work with because of their requirement that you must post from a mobile device. If you are like me, you do most of your posting from a laptop or desktop computer.

Crowdfire makes this process as easy as possible. Set up the post from the desktop or smart app with all the pertinent images, text, and tags you want. Then, when the time is right, Crowdfire will remind you that it’s time to post, and that picture and text are added in just a couple quick clicks.

Personally, I schedule a week’s worth of Instagram pictures this way. Then, when posting time comes, it takes about five seconds to make the post live.

5. What Other Platforms Work With CrowdFire?

More than just the four platforms listed above, this standout app also works with LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube, Blogger, Shopify, Etsy, Twitch, Vimeo, and 500PX. Best yet, new improvements are being made all the time. Is there a platform that you don’t see but would like to use? Simply send an email to the developers and they’ll let you know whether it is in the works.

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6. How Many Accounts Per Platform?

It ultimately depends on the plan you pick when you upgrade Crowdfire. To get a feel for the software, sign up for free and then add one social media account per platform. Later, you can review which plan you want to upgrade to, and each plan determines the number of accounts per platform.

7. What About Sharing Content From Other Sites?

Sharing content should be one of the top reasons why you would want to upgrade Crowdfire. It does everything it can to make that sharing easier. Not only does is suggest relevant and worthwhile content, it also recommends articles that people you follow are sharing in their feeds.

Better yet, the system is smart and learns with you. Is there a site you don’t want to share from? That’s fine. There is a block option and you will never see content from that site again. You can also set keywords and topics that you want to follow so that the suggestions in the app are even more useful.

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8. How Much Time Does It Take?

As was stated earlier, Crowdfire is a huge time saver. By using the app from your phone, you can manage your new content and followers in as little as 10 minutes per day. For me, this freed up hours each week that I was spending making sure I was following back relevant new followers and cleaning out accounts that had been suspended or closed by Twitter.

9. How Can It Be Accessed?

Everything on Crowdfire can be accessed through both their website and their stellar smartphone application. In fact, the app is probably faster and easier to use. Many days I handle all of my content requirements before I even get out of bed. That’s how fast you can do things with Crowdfire.

With the app, you also have the ability to update and add content from anywhere. Are you reading a great news article that your followers would enjoy? Great. Click “Share” and then select the Crowdfire app. Choose which platforms you want to share the article on and click “Post.” That’s it. You’re done, and it only took about five seconds to share on all your social media accounts.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, there are many great reasons to upgrade Crowdfire. If you are looking for an excellent way to continue sharing great content and yet free up a lot of your time, you want to consider this app.

Remember, there is a free version of the product that you can try without obligation. That way you can test out all the great features before making any type of investment. However, with the annual plan, that investment is as little as $4.99/month, and that’s less than some cups of coffee.

Really, upgrading is a no-brainer. Try out Crowdfire today.

Have you looked at the application but just aren't sure if you should upgrade Crowdfire? This article answers nine questions as to why you need to today.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about Crowdfire for a while as I am completely overwhelmed in terms of keeping up with social media and still achieving my daily word quota. Having read this post, I’m definitely going to try it – thank you!!!!!

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