This Moment – A Poem

This Moment

I sit aside and watch the world

The scene bestirs my heart

I see the light and life shine forth

And wish to play a part

The sun shines bright, the birds do sing

The Earth is all aglow

The flowers bloom and bunnies hop

And all around seems slow

I wish I could just freeze this scene

To visit every day

To step outside and feel this joy

And for a moment stay

And in a way, I can do that

For memories freeze in time

This blessed moment will live on

And fill my heart with rhyme

For just a grain in the clock of life

This moment will have passed

But in a way, it never falls

As long as memory lasts

– December 18, 2005


Author’s Note: This is another poem I wrote for my wife. Had I known how little time I had left with her at the time, I would have held on much tighter. In less than two years, she was gone. Still, I am forever grateful for the time I was blessed to have her in my life.

2 thoughts on “This Moment – A Poem”

  1. Lovely – and yes, poets have always been enchanted by the passing of time. Another way to fix the moment, is, as Shakespeare said, to immortalise it in your words, so you have saved this moment twice over, which we need to do with the very special times.

    1. Thank you for posting that comment. My wife would have loved you and considered you a kindred spirit. She also loved Shakespeare. I cherish every memory I have of her. Guess I need to write more poetry so she lives on.

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