7 Lessons About Blogging That Last Year Taught Us

The internet is a constantly evolving animal. Blogger advice received today might not be accurate tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean there is not lessons about blogging to be learned. Well, maybe not that quick. It does often seem like things change overnight. Last year was a huge year for blogging. That knowledge is a big […]

12 Steps to a Happy Family

12 Steps to a Happy Family Everyone strives to have a happy family. Today’s world throws a lot at families that makes this an ever challenging goal. You have likely seen the good news posted by some “experts” that divorce rates are down. Unfortunately, those reports are only telling part of the story. While it […]

10 Poems From Poets You Don’t Know – Yet

10 Poems From Poets You Don’t Know – Yet Here is a collection of poems from poets you may not already know. Click on each title to read the poem.                             Which one did you enjoy the most? What other poems have […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Author’s Note: Hello, readers! Here is the next chapter in my science fiction work-in-progress. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. I have only written 11 chapters as of today. That means I have to get to work as you are almost caught up with me. Please keep in mind, […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 This is chapter 8 of my current science fiction work in progress. At the end of Chapter 7, our main character Rick, or Roman depending on the reality, was told he was sick and had been drugged. Be sure to read the story so far by clicking this line. New chapters are posted […]

Tale of a New Blogger – Part 4 – Path to Becoming a Successful Blogger

It’s been a roller coaster ride. Blogging is a new adventure every day. Some are great. Some… well let’s stay positive. So it goes on the path to becoming a successful blogger. For the most part, it’s a fantastic journey. This blog went live in November 2017. In this series, I am sharing my real […]

Review – Mall Hair Maladies by Kristy Jo Volchko

Book Review: Mall Hair Maladies by Kristy Jo Volchko Mall Hair Maladies is told in first-person from the perspective of fourteen-year-old Tanya Sheffield. As she states in the beginning of the book, “All it takes is one chance meeting or moment to change everything.” Tanya’s life is changed by meeting her new best-friend, Randi Gattano. […]

Paradise WIP – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Author’s Note: Each Tuesday I share a chapter from my current science fiction work in progress. As you read, please keep in mind this is a first draft. There will be mistakes an inconsistencies. If you missed the beginning, click this line to read all the chapters so far. I would love your […]