Tale of a New Blogger – Part 1

As a new blogger, it’s sometimes hard to find your way. Many posts will tell you about an exciting and unbelievable blogger experience. The truth is that most of those posts are unbelievable because they are not true.

This blog is taking a different route. I will be sharing my blogger experience as it happens. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully not too much ugly.

Part 1

In October 2017, I decided that it was time to change my life. I had a job that was creating much more stress than it was worth. I was missing leisure time with family and friends due to demands from said job. My overall joy in life was largely lacking.

What was probably an insane decision, I set out to change everything. I dusted off the novel I had been working on periodically over that last fifteen years and set about self-publishing on Amazon. I put a plan in motion to quit my job, to start freelancing and created a blog. This is my blogger experience.

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Changing Everything

Let me mention here that I was in the position to quit my job and have no income for a few months. While I hope that this turns into a record-setting journey, I cannot say with certainty that everyone will have the same experience.

I have mentioned before that I thought I was ready to become a blogger and self-published author. As with most things in life, there is a big difference between planning and practicing. Most days I feel like I have done everything wrong. I can see progress, though, and my vision of the future is bright.

Prior to November, I was not a social media person. However, social media is a necessary evil in the world of self-publishing and the lifeblood of promoting a blog.

Diving Into Social Media

Since the beginning of November, I have dove headlong into my blogger experience and social media. I created accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. That alone has been a major learning experience but a necessary part of any blogger experience.

Side note: I have a blog post about why every blog post should include a tall-pin for pinning on Pinterest.

I think I am doing something right as I am up to 4600 Twitter followers. I have 180 likes for my Facebook page, 74 followers on Instagram and 41 followers on my blog.

Those numbers may not seem impressive, but since all of those numbers were zero just two months ago, I am pretty happy with the results.


Workplace with notebook on black background

Crunching Numbers

I am a numbers guy. Working in financial services for the last twenty years has put my mind in constant numbers mode. I am constantly thinking of rate of return and tracking progress. Numbers will continue to be an important part of my blogger experience.

Every day I am figuring out things to improve my online presence. I decided to write a post about my progress so you can go along with me on my journey. I intend to update my progress at least once a month.

I am doing this for two reasons.

  1. I want to have a written record of my journey. I could put everything in my personal journal, but why not put it out there for the whole world to see? Hopefully my words will help someone else.
  2. Two, I have read dozens of blogs of how individuals are making thousands of dollars a month from their blogs. I want to believe they are all true, but the skeptic inside me is not sure.

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What Happened During The First Months?

I am also noticing that most bloggers are not listing their progress until they are 6, 12 or even 24 months in. What happened at the beginning of their journey? I would like to have those numbers so I can see where I compare.

Should I be happy with 4600 Twitter followers or should I have 46,000 at this point? Is 200 page views for the first full month of a blog a good number or sadly lacking? Should I be expecting any income from affiliate marketing?

I did not imagine I would make anything from my blog the first few months. I was not far off. I think I am up to about $5.00 earned from all sources combined for the past 60 days, counting all income sources.

Please note that is earned so I have not even received that amount as of today. If I were to break that down to the hours I have put in, I am making less than $0.01/working hour. At this rate I should be living on the street by summer.

Thank goodness McDonald’s has free wi-fi.

Ultimate Resources for Bloggers and Writers



Building a Foundation

With any building project, a good foundation is the key to success and stability. I would say I am easily putting in 60-80 hours per week. Knowing that things will not stay at this magnitude, I am willing to put in the time and effort now.

About half of my time has been spent on learning, reading advice, watching videos and corresponding with other writers and bloggers. If knowledge is power, I intend to have superhero strength.

Ultimately, my journey is my journey. No two people have the same journey in any endeavor. Even what I will be sharing here will not necessarily be your journey. In any case, let’s take the journey together and see where it takes us.

If you a new to blogging, or maybe not so new, please share one of your blogger experience below.

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5 thoughts on “Tale of a New Blogger – Part 1”

  1. Hello Wolfe, thank you so much for sharing your journey and your delightful blog (and for Following my BRI blog). I am so excited because thanks to connecting with you, I’m now looking at Canva and at Pinterest and other resources that you share. I also love reading and writing and share things in common with you, like reading 2 plus books at once! I like that you write for yourself and offer it to others also, which is what I do at Work and in my personal life. I have been using the free WordPress.com blogging since 2012 and am a multiple blogger. My WP Guidelines site (hover over my gravatar and it pops up hopefully) has most of my WP blogs listed at the bottom (and there are posts on Multiple Blogging and Why I Blog.

    I like to create my own graphics (like “What sort of Blogger are You?) so Canva should help me and never thought about using Pinterest to promote my blog. I’m a Hobbyist Blogger but don’t get many Likes or Comments on any of my blogs. This may be because of itinerants passing through (e.g. Statcounter analytics show less than 5 second hits on my Fascinating Animals blog) and WordPress readers being too busy to even press the Like button on posts.

    Also most of my blogs are set up so commentators have to be registered and signed in with WordPress and this is because of the nature of visitors to my FA blog. In early days many were (sadly) quick to criticize me with stupid comments like “Your A – Z section is sh** even though I posted it was a “work in construction” and even recently someone found an old image and posted a rude comment that if I put more work into my blog then I would have more visitors (because I had posted that I hardly got any interaction, and I like interaction which is my right and my character trait) leading to a very long Post by me about preventing comments being made on images in WP !

    I don’t know if having only the requirement for commentators to comment using their name and email (which can be fictitious) would make a big difference to the Commenting rate. I know when I allowed this initially with my FA blog that Askimet caught alot of SPAM comments and that is why I opted for commentators to have to be registered WP Users. I am still learning also about how to promote my blogs and think that feedback also depends upon what one is blogging about. Sorry for such a long comment.

    1. Wow, definitely an epic comment, but that’s okay. I like to write long posts myself. I’m sorry you’ve had some bad experiences. So far, all of mine have been good. I am still finding my way with blogging (only 7 months in), but I’ve learned a lot by joining blogging groups and signing up with Billionaire Blog Club. Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to leave a nice comment. Have a wonderful day!

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