Review: The Cairo Accord (Hadrian’s Gate Series) by Georgia Knight

Review: The Cairo Accord (Hadrian’s Gate Series) by Georgia Knight

Georgia Knight’s The Cairo Accord, the first episode in the Hadrian’s Gate series, is a high octane, character driven, sci-fi adventure.

Let me preface the remainder of my review by reminding the reader, this is the first in a series. One should not expect for all of the storylines to be completed in this book. The author gives us a lot of reasons to want to read the next installments. I write this due to a particularly poor review I read online.



First, I want to mention what I enjoyed most about the book. Ms. Knight creates such detailed and vivid descriptions that you cannot help but experience the worlds she has created. I could clearly see in my mind each location as the story unfolded.

The story is told in the third person, giving us an in depth look into each of the main characters.

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Kayla McGann is known throughout the galaxy as a criminal. From the media’s point of view, she was justifiably sent to the asteroid prison to live out her days in agony and torment. Kayla knew, deep inside, that where there is life, there is hope. Her internal struggles and broken spirit kept me wishing her success despite what she may have been part of in the past.

President Chilake is a true politician and could easily have been modeled after many of the notorious individuals we see in today’s news. He is not entirely unlikable, which left me vested as to what might be his ultimate fate. As a master manipulator, he does not imagine that anything could cost him his presidency.


The fast pace of much of the book kept me glued to the pages. Ms. Knight has created a vibrant galaxy that I wanted to be part of. There are many comparisons, some thinly veiled, to today’s world. One can readily see that this science fiction future might not be far off from what the real future will be without major changes on the world front.

In regard to the cover, initially it did not excite me. It is not one that I would probably pick up while walking through the local book store. As I delved deeper into the story, the cover made more sense, and I can see the grit and despair that unfolds within the pages. It still is not my favorite, but I understand the author’s choices.

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the book and will be reading episode two. Georgia Knight has gained a new fan in me.

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The Cairo Accord (Hadrian’s Gate, Series 1, Episode 1)

by Georgia Knight (Author)

Science Fiction

Print Length: 172 pages

Publication Date: August 27, 2017


The Cairo Accord

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