Façade – Poem

Facade poem wolfe butler WB


 You smile, you cheer

You meet and greet

You walk and talk

You run your feet


You shine so bright

You look complete

You call yourself

The sun beneath


What you don’t know

Is what still shows

That your façade

Not only glows


For what you think

You safely keep

And what you hide

Your restless sleep


Is not so hid

That we don’t see

But shines as bright

As does your glee


And looks at us

With ugly truth

Betrays your peace

Destroys your youth


And once you find

That pain can’t hide

That nothing veiled

Stays locked inside


That pieces fall

From damaged minds

Keeps treasures lost

From future finds


You’ll look for us

Those you deceived

And want our help

Like we believed


Still on your terms

You’ll search for us

And beg for strength

And lots of fuss


But then may be

A bit too late

Who could have helped?

You’ll meditate


With no one there

In cold night air

Your truth will call

And steal your fare


Because you chose

To just deceive

And share no truth

But tangled weave


To keep your heap

Of shattered dreams

And endless bout

With silent screams


Your tears will fall

On lonely grounds

No one to hear

Your empty sounds


And maybe then

You’ll see the cost

Of that with which

Your lies have lost


And those who grieved

To just see you

Will long have moved

Far from your view


Because your mask

Of endless bliss

Drives us away

To nothingness


So I pray soon

You’ll see your fate

And please change it

Before too late


For I am here

Right now I reach

My heart is free

I still can teach


But can’t hold on

Without your hand

You need my help

To understand


November 11, 2004


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