How To Hunt For Bigfoot And Make A Male Friend — dadding depressed

Today’s Writer Wednesday post is a little different. I am not sharing writing or blogging advice this week. Instead, this humorous, and entirely too accurate, post brought me both fond memories and more than one laugh-out-loud moment. You need more levity in your life. We all do. Read and enjoy! – Wolfe The male friend […]

Tree – Poem

Tree so tall
Leaves fall
Never touch ground…

Love for Series Books

I find myself thinking a lot about the books that have shaped me up to this point. I have always been a book lover. The first chapter book I read was Charlotte’s Web. I cannot remember exactly how old I was. What I do remember vividly is how excited I was to be transformed into a new world and the intoxicating power of words.

How To Be The Good You Want to See

How can you #BeTheGood that the world needs right now?

Book Review: Getting Home – The 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Programme

Thank you so much to for publishing my first official review for Getting Home. Click through the link to read: via Book Review: Getting Home – The 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Programme

One Spoke — What Rhymes with Stanza?

It has been a really crazy week with learning a new job. I have not had a chance to format anything of my own for posting. Instead, I am sharing this poem by Maggie C. I stumbled upon it this week when I should have been preparing my own blog posts. I really appreciate the […]

Writer’s block? Try this unique solution.

Are you dealing with writer’s block? For my Writer Wednesday post this week I am sharing what may well be the solution you need.

Link Party – in Progress

via Looking To Increase Your Social Media Following?

Monday Musings: The Best Investment

I am excited to talk about one of the investments I made in my business and blog. So far, this is the BEST investment, at least in terms of usefulness and immediate impact. What am I talking about?

Advice for New Bloggers: Blog Posts — Ryann the Reader

This week’s advice focuses on something that still makes me feel like a brand new blogger sometimes, and that is my blog posts! Sometimes it’s really hard to know when or what to post, or if a draft is…