Journal – Poem


Open books lay on the table

Facts about a man not able 

Tell the story few want to know

And how a man put on a show 

He lived two very separate lives

Juggling both with his painful cries 

Most around him could never think

The depth of work he had to drink

 Each word, each thought, each precious deed

A tale of lies he had to feed

 Those who knew one, not the other

None knew all, not e’en a brother

He would have died to just be whole

But it would cost his very soul

 So now these books tell just a tale

About the man whose heart did wail


August 11, 2002

Leather Journals

Leather Journal


2 thoughts on “Journal – Poem”

  1. We are all multi-faceted people and most of us don’t know ourselves fully so other people will know only what we show to them. But it is good in some ways because if one side is not great you can redeem yourself on the other side then attempt to unite them into a whole person. Writing I find is helpful here.

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