Smile Today – Poem

Smile Today

The peace of sleep shattered by the dying

The rising sound of a baby crying

Roused from the bed I preset today’s stage

There’s no good news on the newspaper page

I leave my home to rehearse this poor play

Morning light veiled by dark clouds streaked with gray

The homeless stand in lines upon the street

Shattered glass lines the dirt beneath my feet

An office filled with lives I cannot change

A desk covered with files I just rearrange

The day goes by and the tempest rolls in

Driving rain blows but erases no sin

Leaving at five thick smoke strangles the air

Signs overlooked, with stark warnings, beware

I head for my home that shattered old house

Once near the doorway I kicked a dead mouse

I bolt the door tightly it must stay out

I head for the bed my mind filled with doubt

This world is so dim I wish I could say

At least I was able to smile today

Umbrellas for everyday

Author’s Note:

This is another dark one. There was a period is my life where it was hard to see above the darkness. Eventually the rain always stops, and the skies always clear. If you are in the dark place, the sun is coming. Just hold on.

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