Love Song – Poem

Love Song poem wolfe butler

There is a song I once did hear

That brought me joy and peace of mind

Of lovers found and thoughtful leer

With one for each of all mankind

Where rainbows shine and flowers bloom

And little birds sing lullabies

The light of day in ev’ry room

Fresh foliage smiles and lights the eyes

No word to hurt is ever said

Young lovers walk all hand in hand

While ev’ry dream brings joy to bed

With love notes spelled out in the sand

A place where all can trust each man

No gossip flies or rumors cry

Each friend is true, fulfills his plan

And to be real each one does try

But this sweet song is only that

A hope of dreams not found here yet

A secret kept hid under hat

Its time may come and us beget

March 13, 2005



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